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  • How do you maintain Raw Hair?
    Co-Wash (Conditioner Wash) this hair bi-weekly for the best results and luster. Shampoo is not compulsory unless the hair is dirty from working out, the beach etc. STAY AWAY from heavy oils or grease. Serums are fine, if used lightly. Alcohol is drying to raw hair, so stay clear of any mousses, hairspray, or shampoo that contain such. For our curly texture: The curlier the hair, the higher the maintenance is. We recommend wetting the hair and apply a moisturizing leave in conditioner such as the Garnier fruits leave in. Spray bottles with some conditioner goes a long way. Spray your hair in the morning, use a Denman brush to define the curls. If you want the hair to have volume – just wear it throughout the day and it will get big.
  • Can I use the products I wash my real hair with on this hair?
    This depends on what you use on your real hair. Use lightweight products on your extensions. Co-wash (conditioner) will be your best friend. We recommend brands such as “It’s a 10, Treseme, Garnier Frutis, and Aussie”.
  • Where does MOS Extensions originate?
    Our hair comes from Southeast Asia
  • How many bundles of MOS Extensions do you need?
    Depending on the level of fullness you like your hair; you shouldn’t need more than 3 bundles. For shorter lengths 14” and under – 2 bundles can give a full look. Hair longer than 26” we recommend 4 bundles.
  • Does the hair shed?
    Absolutely! All hair sheds. Whether is comes from your scalp or attached to wefts/lace by humans, it will shed. However, shedding is minimal – but please expect any hair you encounter to have some type of shedding.
  • What is the longevity?
    This hair can last 1-3 yrs. with proper care, sometimes even longer. Closures and frontals can last several months, however bleaching the knots although creates a flawless look, can also weaken the knots of the hair, and can allow it to break over time. Hence why we recommend changing lace closures and frontals every few months (depending on how much the hair is worn or the hair line is manipulated).
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